About Me



Welcome to my page.  I am a freelance type photographer. Here you will find samples of photos that I have done for clients as well as all the sports photos I take for the local schools. I started my photography business back in 2008 after a car accident that changed my way of looking at life. I love being allowed to work close to the kids of our area. I also work with the Mayor and City to help make memories for when these kids get old and have kids of their own. I have several photos featured in a calendar that is delivered to you through the mail each year. It is called the Town Planner. During the school year I am very busy with all the sports, but I always make time to have private photo sessions when someone is in need. I do work a full time job during the week and do editing late nights and weekends between games and shoots. God guided me to this and there are many days I don’t know how I do it all but God leads me and helps me. Some of the types of photos I do…. BRIDAL, CHILDREN, HEADSHOTS, ENGAGEMENTS, EVENTS, SENIORS, SPORTS, MATERNITY AND MANY MORE.  I do not do weddings. I have shot a few weddings but my heart is not into them