Welcome to my site, There has been a few changes made to better sever you and getting you the photos you want. You will click on this link¬†To View or Purchase Photos. you will be asked to enter your email address to enter into the site. Once in the site you can put the photos you want into your cart and pay for them, once your payment has been accepted you will at that time be able to down load your photos. You will need to down load the photos on a computer not a mobile device. Please make sure you purchase and down load the photos from the site before the 30 Days is up. Once the 30 Days from the date they are loaded the photos will be deleted, to make room for more photos. Each game will be uploaded and you will need to view the link to view the photos. If you don’t have me on FB you may want to make sure you add me there because that will be where I post the links that will be available for 30 days.

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